tippi hedren

#16 Bad Idea: Tippi In Plastic

Via Boing Boing, I'm not sure that this is a bad idea from my point of view. But someone at Mattel must have been chewing jimson weed when they decided to participate in celebrating the 45th anniversary of Hitchcock's The Birds with this:

It is almost certainly what you only hope to dare it is: Barbie as Tippi Hedren getting attacked by the winged avatars of Alfred Hitchcock's twisted libido. And it's on sale for forty bucks. You don't get the fence posts or the California church in the background (ever notice how Hitchcock's buildings always seem to lurk?), but you can take home Barbie as she is meant to be: frantic but frozen, captured at the apex of the fearful moment, an infinitely prolonged episode of torture for her sexuality. And who better to perform this transposition than Tippi Hedren, who was punished for her frigidity by being frozen out of the movie industry? There's a bad idea in here that keeps tunneling backwards as I try to catch it.