follow up call

Schmutzie: Hello, [workplace], Schmutzie speaking.

Palinode: Remember a while back when I asked you about a thermos?

Schmutzie: No.

Palinode: We were on the bus, and I accused you of hating a thermos? I'm calling to follow up on my original inquiry.

Schmutzie: I don't remember. And that doesn't work.

Palinode: How's that?

Schmutzie: You don't hate a thermos. It doesn't make sense.

Palinode: Sure it does. You hate a thermos. Or you did last time we talked.

Schmutzie: It's not possible.

Palinode: It's totally possible. When we get home tonight, I'll hate a thermos for you. Even though I'm pretty fond of a thermos.

Schmutzie: Yeah, that's not going to happen.

Palinode: I'll even hate a shoe. How's that sound?

Schmutzie: A shoe.

Palinode: Tell you what. We get home, I'll renounce a shoe.

Schmutzie: [overexcited] No! I mean, no. You can't renounce a shoe.

Palinode: Bring me a shoe and I'll renounce that shit for you.

Schmutzie: I'm in this conversation because why?

Palinode: Make sure the shoe is from a pair you're going to throw out.

Schmutzie: [silent, possibly away from phone]

Palinode: Because when I renounce a shoe, that thing's done. Unnnwearable.