preferences of sven

this is just to say

I saw Ultraviolet a whole long time ago, and it was atrocious, of course - and maybe I wrote something about it. But nothing compares to Mightygodking's hilarious x5 Ultraviolet review. What, you haven't clicked on the link yet? Stop reading this. That review could not exist without the endless space and infinite distribution of the internet. This is the kind of writing that the internet enables and encourages - sometimes to unfortunate result. But not this time.

This entry is dedicated to my friend Sven, who loves Ultraviolet so much that he frequently resorts to fist fights in defense of his beloved all-time favourite movie, which he claims "raises cinema to new heights... stunning". Either that or he hates it, the way I hate Superman IV and that evil robot that grew Dick Cheney in a tank.