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Outside the palace grounds, still there is Palinode. Oh well, what can you do. 

Weekly Reckoning: The Inaugurationing

3. DAMN, NOVA SCOTIA. A survey on marijuana use in Canada has come out, and it turns out that British Columbia is not the pottiest province around. That honour goes to Nova Scotia, where 14.8% of respondents to the Stats Canada survey affirmed that they had smoked the international healing herb within the last 12 months. Having grown up in Nova Scotia, this makes sense. BC came in second at 14.2%. Dead last? Good old productive Saskatchewan at 10.1%, where we just drink to forget.
The first edition of my weekly news roundup on the Dog Blog! I've got my own artfully designed logo and everything (all thanks to my editor Steve Whitworth and graphic designer Paul Klassen).


 Crepes, crusts and curated coffee: The Artful Dodger Cafe and Music Emporium

I like avocados. Don’t you? They may look a bit like Jolly Green Giant droppings, but avocado flesh is soft, beautiful, delicious without tasting like much of anything, and the pits, if planted, grow into towering lambent shrubs that will lurk in your living room and follow you from home to home until one of you finally dies. What’s not to like?

Remarkably, Regina continues to produce restaurants for me to write about. Somewhere in this city, either in some gigantic basement or hollowed-out building, a factory generates diners, cafes, bars, coffee shops, pizzerias, bodegas and every other possible food-bearing structure. One day I'll hunt it down. 


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This is cool - I never have site news! And to be honest, I still don't have site news, but I thought I'd direct readers to a revised version of my recent post on David Foster Wallace. This one has lists, blood, sex, car chases, and maundering.

Here it is.

In other news, I found a homeless guy sleeping by the dumpster. I hear if you put a dull razor blade under a sleeping hobo, it will be totally sharp the next morning.