Quest for Soda: Jan

So here's what happened. Two things happened. I bought a camcorder not much larger than a deck of cards. And I developed a burning curiosity about soda. I realized that, armed with a camera, there was nothing about soda that I could not ferret out from perplexed bystanders. Also, whom would you punch in the head if you had the chance? If that makes no sense, please watch this short explanatory video.

Full disclosure: The soda/headpunch interviews are part of the content I contribute to Tangible.tv, a venture I'm venturing upon with an Iowan-Mexican man who calls himself onlyaman. We go live every Wednesday and Sunday at 8pm PST, around about the time that onlyaman's kids go to bed. His kids just can't handle the no-holds-barred blistering commentary and insane lag times of Tangible.tv.