i can i can

I can write on this blog every day.

Oh yes I can. You know why?

Because I just decided to, that's why. And I have a fever. And let's not forget that I've spent the day half-awake, swimming in and out of fevered sleep, drooling on my pillow and popping ibuprofen.

And smelling, frankly, not so good. I can smell the fever sickness coming off my skin. It's bronzed, toned, rippling skin, but I wouldn't go sniffing at it. Should I get me a shower? Oh sure, but the back pain kicks in, and the nice shower turns into me in a foetal position in the tub with hot water striking at me mercilessly from above.

Let me tell you, there is only one way to spend a four-day August weekend, and that's sick like me. I can't even be bothered to read In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower, even though it's right at my bedside. That sort of shit requires concentration, which I don't got today.

i has a camra?

Yahoo! I got me a swanky, nearly pill-sized* little digital camera. They call it a Lumix FZ-8. I call it Daniel the Camera. Why Daniel? Because many years ago, when I was an orphaned boy wandering around the ruins of Eastern Europe, a man named Daniel locked me in a shed and forgot about me. I nearly starved to death. Daniel looked a lot like my camera. Here is the only surviving photo of that half-human, half-animal jailer who nearly destroyed me.

And here are a few images I took of stuff 'round the house.

Here are two otherwise civilized cats exploding into arcs and blobs.

And then some more.

These are wind chimes that Schmutzie's parents brought us from the Dominican a few years back.

It behooves you not to forget the Crab House Crunch.

Anyway, every time I look at my camera, I think of Daniel, and my heart grows a little colder. It's good to have a camera.

*Obviously I'm talking about a sizable pill.