My ULTIMATE real world REVIEW of the FUJIFILM FUJINON 23mm f2

Trust me. After you read this review you will never need to look at another review of this lens, any Fujifilm product, any other camera or camera accessory, anything at all that interprets light or does anything else, or anything that doesn’t do anything but just exists. Also things that don’t exist.

So. The other day I was heading across the parking lot by my office and I stopped to take a photo of the sky. Clouds and light and moisture were conspiring to create a crazy cascading effect, so I dug out my camera and took a few frames.

cascading sky.jpg

Through the viewfinder I spotted two men working their way towards me (you can see them in the bottom left of the photo). I could tell, with that strange subterranean sense we have that recognizes tiny cues, that they had noticed me taking photos and were probably going to say something about it. I had no idea what that something would be, but I didn’t want to find out. I picked up my bag and tripod* and headed off at a sort of random angle away from them.

Of course, it didn’t matter. One of them started calling after me.

“Hey buddy,” said the one with the crutch. “Do you take photos?”

“I do,” I said. I’m always amazed at the frequency of this question from people who, after watching me take photos, want to know if I take photos.

“What were you taking a photo of?”

At this point the two had caught up to me. One of them carried a translucent garbage bag of cans. He looked bored and slightly irritated that his friend had started talking. The older one with the crutch was peering at me and coming to a decision about what he saw.

“I was taking a photo of the sky.”

“What’s wrong with the sky?” the one with the bag of cans said.

“Nothing at all,” I said. “I liked the light coming from behind the clouds. It looks like it’s spilling over in parts.”

The one with the cans took in the sky. “Yeah, looks like rain maybe.”**

The older one leaned forward. “You know what would make a really good photo?”

“No, what?”

“If you spread your cheeks and farted hard enough that you blew a hole in those clouds. You could get a good picture of that.”

“That,” I said, “would be quite the fart.”

None of which would have happened if I hadn’t taken a picture using a camera lens. Which in this case was the 23mm f2. Best lens ever, obviously.

*I forgot to mention this was also an ULTIMATE real-world REVIEW of BAG and TRIPOD.

**Their ultimate real world review of me would probably be “What an asshole.”