Number Four: Ink

The following image will tell you I’m into ink:

That’s too much, man.

That’s too much, man.

That’s thirty or so strips of chromatography paper with, I am embarrased to say, a fraction of the inks I’ve collected over the last while. I’ve used fountain pens and bottled inks for most of my life, but over the last couple of years my collection of pen and ink has spun up into an escape velocity of ridiculousness (and we’re not even talking about my notebooks, and my ridiculously specific tastes in paper). I find myself writing constantly just to work through the bottles of ink I’ve bought.

I started chromatography as a way to look more carefully and completely at my ink. A drop of water pulls the dyes apart, drags particles across the paper and reveals something of the ink maker’s mind. Occasionally there are surprises.

Here are some of the blues. And I don’t even particularly like blue ink.

ink strips 2.jpg