Today I saw two men approach me walking abreast down Albert Street. From a distance their proximity suggested that they were walking together, but as they grew closer, the relationship between the two grew harder to parse. One was a goateed white man in his thirties; the other, a young First Nations boy of fifteen or so. The older man was speaking to someone on his phone, striding along with an agitated, purposeful step; the other seemed to be almost strolling. For a moment it was almost certain that the older man would outpace the teenager and continue on his way, resolving whatever problem he had with the person on the other end of the phone; but they continued to walk abreast, keeping perfect pace with each other. I stopped to watch them for a minute or so, just to be sure. Were they friends? Or two strangers engaged in an increasingly awkward walk? Were they just doomed to walk side by side until one of them put on  a burst of speed or dashed across the street?

Later on I was gazing at a complex pattern on a glass pane when I realized that it actually consisted of two stains on panes of glass several feet apart. For a moment the stains made a complete and harmonious picture, but it could be deranged with the slightest movement of my head.

I have no conclusions to draw from this.