How to Improv

I see you have come here to improv. Very good. Everyone must learn to improv at some point, especially in this godforsaken world. But first you must learn the basics.

First you must split into three people. Isolate the tall one in the middle. Make sure he doesn't fall over!

Then, as quickly you can, you must turn black and white. It helps to point at crotches.

Verrry good. Just look at that monochrome crotch indication! You will improv so well in the salt mines of King Andor XXIII, I mean, down at the Yukks Club on Wednesday nights. Forget I said that thing about my glorious king.

Now, abruptly turn into two people and stand downstage. Observe something tiny but distressing. Stay black and white!

Good. So very gooooood.

*These are not random puppets for my blog-based amusement but the Tragedy Plus Time Players, performing here at the Arfful Dodger Café as part of Thirza Cuthand's exceedingly funny performance piece I Could Kill Myself with My Panties. Cuthand's piece is part of the Dunlop Gallery's group show Tragedy Plus Time. Pictured above are: Jayden Pfiefer, Katie Rich and Colby Richardson.