Cardboard Robot and the Queen City Distro

A while ago, a friend started something she called the Queen City Walking Distro. Part art project, part quiet rebellion against our rapidly senescing postal system, the Distro challenged local artists and musicians to come up with something that could fit comfortably in an envelope.


I probably shouldn't pick favourites, but here it is:

cardboard robot

He has no name (but somehow he has a gender) beyond "Boardbot," which artist Ian Campbell has given him. I've been calling him "Cardboard Robot," but I admit that Boardbot is much catchier.

I've assigned Boardbot a friend. The friend appears to be a duck that's mastered the moped. 


Their friendship is epic.


Today I realized that Boardbot's head was on backwards. I righted his noggin and gave him some sweet bling.


Also: felt heart brooch, suitable for every occasion (does that look misspelled to you? Does 'misspelled' look misspelled to you? Does your face look misspelled sometimes, at those moments when you catch sight of yourself in the mirror but for a split second fail to recognize yourself? Does it shake you to realize that your own skin is a stranger to you? Yeah, probably).

lapel heart