What to do: in the post of single-sentence paragraphs.

So you're in a post of single-sentence paragraphs.

That's all you get.

Just one sentence per paragraph.

And that's okay.

Why is it okay?

Because this thing we're embarking on together?

This post?

It's a journey.

It's a journey that will take you wherever you need to go.

Because posts written like this tend to be inspirational.

And super fucking vague.

You won't come away unsatisfied from a post like this.

Because you won't even know what you've read.

But you will know this:

It was really easy to get through.

Maybe you'll go out and set up your own blog now.

Or you'll boot up your long-dormant, near-dead, fish-flopping-with-gills-pulsing, blog.

And you'll write a post full of single-sentence paragraphs.

And somebody else will find your post.

And they'll follow suit.

And everyone will get rich.

You're rich already.

It's true.

The money.