I'm nominated in prairie dog magazine's 2013 Best of Regina!

Hey look, I've been nominated for Best Prairie Dog Writer in the 2013 Best of Regina competition! This is very cool. Last year's Best of Regina came and went and I neglected to campaign for "my name in a picture frame," as they (actually nobody) say. I still won, but I felt like I didn't have an active role in the process. And I like to feel included.

Anyway! If you like my writing and think that my incredibly fragile ego needs a buttress or two to keep it from sinking into the foul marsh of my psyche (woah, how's that for a metaphor? Pretty slick, yes? See what I bring to the table? I hope buttresses work the way I think they do), I invite you to vote for me. I also want you to vote for fellow nominees Paul Dechene and Steve Whitworth, who both fill up the pages of prairie dog with excellent writing every other week. But in the end, there can be only one. So choose wisely. Um, hate leads to the dark side.

You have to register for an account to have your vote count, but it's a painless process. Go for it! Click here to vote.