Recently Amazon announced the launch of Kindle Worlds, a licensed e-book publishing platform for fan fiction. Licensed works include Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries and the books of Kurt Vonnegut. In honour of Amazon’s magnanimous decistion to grant legitimacy to fanfic, here is my first stab at the genre.

Wings: A Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction

One morning in Mystic Falls, Damon Salvatore discovered that he had grown a pair of sizeable wings overnight.

“How about that,” he said, pouring himself his morning finger of scotch.

Damon flexed his left wing and then his right, watching them flap and quiver. Morning light shone pale and rosy through the taut flesh between the struts of his new limbs. He poured himself another finger of scotch, then started sipping from the bottle, just in case. It was one of those single-malt mornings at the Salvatore mansion.

He dialed Stefan’s cell number, assuming that his brother wouldn’t be home.

“Hey Stefan!” Damon asked. He flexed his wings in time, knocking the drinks tray over. “Damn it.”

“What do you want, brother? I’m driving aimlessly around Tennessee right now in search of something or other. Like a sword or an ancient tome or a witch, I don’t know.”

“I woke up with wings. And I drank all the Laphroaig.”

“Dick.” Stephan hung up.

“Hey Elena, come in here!”

Elena whooshed in at super vampire speed.

“Is everything okay? Is Silas back? Is Klaus back? Is Katherine back? Has someone new come to town? Holy shit am I bored.” Elena fell to the ground, suddenly uninterested in her legs.

“Bad news, babe,” Damon said, banging his head on the ceiling. “I’ve got wings now, and that’s way cooler than sleeping with you.”

“Come on, Damon. Let’s go solve the mystery of your ugly new wings.”

“I’m fine up here. I keep flying into the window though.”

“Okay,” Elena said. “I’m going to crawl over to Caroline’s place and we’ll do whippits and dance to some choice aughties midtempo pop.”

“Suit yourself,” smirked Damon, even though he was now completely tangled up in the chandelier.