What to do: in a ketchup factory

So you're in a ketchup factory.

Image by  Neil Conway  on Flickr.

Image by Neil Conway on Flickr.

At least you think it's a ketchup factory. Even through the burlap you can smell the concentrated reek of hot tomato pulp. Somewhere close by you can hear the noise of giant machines which are no doubt boiling down tomatoes and forming a kind of tomato-sugar slurry. Maybe the bottling is done here too. Who knows? You'd like to confirm your suspicions but you can't see a thing. It's dark in this factory that probably makes ketchup! But the heavy bag over your head makes it impossible to know for certain. This is how you make ketchup, friend. You never wanted to know how it happened but now it will be the last thing you ever know.

Kidding! This is just a mugging gone terribly wrong. We brought you to the ketchup factory because Carl has the keys and we don't know what else to do with you. Probably we could have just let you go, huh? Probably we still could, because you haven't seen our faces.

But you do know Carl's name. And you know that he works at the ketchup factory. How many ketchup factories do you think there are in the tri-county area? No, it wouldn't take long before you tracked down this place and found Carl at the industrial juicer and demanded your five bucks back. Because that's all you had in your pockets, buddy. Next time you should have more cash on you and then muggers wouldn't panic and kidnap you and take you to the ketchup factory. Just a suggestion.