It is impossible to avoid some parties

Last Sunday on the Green Mile after the Riders victory. Schmutzie and I went out around 11:00 just as the public outpouring of good cheer and triumphalism was starting to dissipate. The solid crowds of 9:30 were starting to coagulate into little clumps of happy drunks who were more than happy to pose for me.

Damn but these people were in a good mood. I expected to find a dark undercurrent tugging against the incoming tide of joy, but people just seemed... happy. Even the guy in the Joker makeup seemed happy.

Oddly enough, I couldn't find a Rider Batman to go with the Rider Joker.

Technical things:

Hello curious people. These photos were taken in the damp night cold with my Lumix GH3 and stout 12mm 1.8 lens. I used my on-camera flash on to get a Weegee-esque look - a little lurid and forensic. Because I'm lazy I had the camera set to auto, which resulted in a weirdly slow shutter speed - hence the strange shadows and ghosts in some of these images. Next time I go out like this, I'm going to set my controls manually and get some crisper images. Not images of crispers, mind you. Unless there's some of kind of massive vegetable storage compartment celebration.