Big Fancy Palinode Round-Up

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Big fancy Palinode round-up? Is it some kind of Palinode rodeo? Is that what the title means? Are you into rodeos now?

No, inner voice. That’s not what the title means. Check out the photo above. Does that look rodeo-ish?

Is this a post about love? Rodeo love? A rodeo comes to New York and a cowboy finds love with a big-city halal cart operator?

You wish.

York Up This Town” from prairie dog magazine:

But there’s something about the details of New York City life that forge an instant attachment with the place. The eye-watering miasma of the East River, piled-high garbage bags and the general stink of midtown, 3:00 a.m. lineups at the halal food carts, downtown streets turned into gorges by blocks of gothic gargoyled buildings — the totality of Manhattan hits you so hard that you feel as if you belong there (until you pay $15 for a glass of beer).

And that’s why, based on a very small set of middling to incredible meals I’ve eaten on the overcrowded island of Manhattan, I’m going to offer some wildly implausible advice for Regina’s restaurants.

From the Campus Creatures article in prairie dog, “The 87-Headed Multitasker” and “The Awesome Profasaur”:

Awesome Profs are one of the rarest creatures to be found on the university campus. Generally reclusive but charismatic, they are thought to be a kind of homely, sweater-wearing angel sent by the Powers That Be to set students on their correct course. They favour gathering places where strong ale and grad students can be found. Their chief weakness stems from their strange obsessions with model trains or that one time they met Eudora Welty. Students who introduce strategically directed comments on these topics can derail entire classes.

And finally, a review of Jens Lekman’s I Know What Love Isn’t:

In the tortured world of Jens Lekman’s imagination, love is a guarantee of misery — a beautiful animal that will eventually turn on you. And bite you. Forever.


Oh, I will. As soon as I finish my erotic New York rodeo novel.