Reversible Psychology



[Long late lazy afternoon. Palinode phones Schmutzie.]

Palinode: I just wanted to let you know that there’s jambalaya in the fridge if you’re hungry.

Schmutzie: Thanks. I am hungry.

Palinode: But I also know that you’re not going to eat it.

Schmutzie: I might.

Palinode: You never eat leftovers. That’s why I’m phoning you. To remind you to eat them.

Schmutzie: You never know.

Palinode: I do know. So I’m employing reverse psychology on you.

Schmutzie: By asking me to eat the leftovers?

Palinode: No, that’s non-reverse psychology. I haven’t reversed the psychology yet to get you to eat the delicious low-carb jambalaya I made for you yesterday.

Schmutzie: This is less like reverse psychology every minute.

Palinode: Yeah… I’m a little tired for reverse psychology right now. Tell you what: I’ll mail some reverse psychology out to you.

Schmutzie: No.

Palinode: Wha- you can’t stop me from mailing reverse psychology.

Schmutzie: Sure I can.

Palinode: There’s no way. You don’t control the mail.

Schmutzie: I forbid it.

Palinode: Forbid? That’s it, I’m throwing some reverse psychology into the mail - hold on a second.

Schmutzie: There you go.

Palinode: You want me to mail reverse psychology to you so you’re using reverse psychology to get me to do it. Don’t reverse psychologize a reverse psychologist. You’ll never win.

Schmutzie: I honestly don’t want whatever it is you’d send me.

Palinode: Anyway, I’ll be home in a couple of hours. Should I heat up the jambalaya?

Schmutzie: Go nuts.