Palinode has been walking up and down the web


I do stuff. Internet stuff. And when I remember, I post links and excerpts here. Which is what I’m going to do today. So get ready for content, because “Bam.” Here it comes.

Top 12 Fictional Television Shows on MamaPop:

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching people on television watch people on television. In theory, the sight of people getting tangled up in fictional television shows should bore the polyester pantsuit off of me, but in practice, it’s awesome. Maybe it plays into my secret fantasy that movie and TV characters are, at heart, just as easily pulled into their own imaginative universes as the rest of us – we sweaty, broke, and regrettably real gibronies propped up on the couch.

Fish Taco Smackdown on praire dog magazine:

The Baja taco de pescado is a traditional street food served in the Tijuana-containing Mexican state of Baja California. It consists of whatever fish is readily at hand, a thin avocado sauce, and a whack of red and green salsa. Batter and deep-fry your fish, throw it on top of a shredded cabbage salad, wrap it all up in a corn or flour tortilla, and there you have it: a fish taco. They’re delicious. The trick is to eat it without giggling like some seventh grader on a class trip.

Ever since I tried one in a San Diego restaurant, I’ve been a fish taco enthusiast. I thought I’d take my taste buds (and the rest of me) around Regina to find out who makes the best fish taco in the city.