Further Human Centipede Sequels

The Human Centigrade

A mad scientist kidnaps 100 grad students and adjusts the body temperatures of each one to correspond to the Celsius scale. The only survivor is a virginal brunette who has the good luck to be set to 37 degrees.

The Human Millipede

An entire town in Slovenia decide to go for a nice spa one day but end up sewing themselves to each other on a dare. They win several swimming competitions during a vacation to the Black Sea.

The Human Spider (“The Spider-Man”)

A highschool student with an aptitude for science kidnaps people and grafts their limbs to his body. He then lets a radioactive spider bite him, which causes him to gain the ability to be super toothless and dead.

The Human Baby (“The Baby-Man”)

A scientist undergoes surgery to expand his cranium to a startling size. He finds that the operation doesn’t give him psychic powers or extreme intelligence. Fortunately, he lands the role of “Ice Dancing Baby” in “Lawyers on Ice,” an Ally McBeal skating exhibition. Stars Steve Guttenberg, Anna Farris.

The Human Porn Star

A young woman from a strict midwestern family leaves home and ends up in California having sex on camera. A baby gets run over in the street.


The Human Tapeworm

This one is not very cinematic.


The Human Q-Tip

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