Check out the minivan! It’s right next to Danceland.


UPDATE: Ever since I posted my minivan photo, my inbox has been going crazy (with emails). Everyone wants to know about the minivan. What’s its name? When did I get it? Is it male or female? So here we go.

Minivan FAQ

1. Hey, sweet minivan!

Thanks, but it’s not mine.

2. What? But you implied -


3. Then I don’t care about that minivan.

That makes sense. I don’t even know what it’s doing in the photo.

4. It kind of ruins the image.

Tell me about it. I thought that it would serve as the punctum to Danceland’s studium, but it just looks like a minivan photobomb.

5. Where were you, even?

I was at Danceland in the resort village of Manitou Beach. February. Off-season.

6. And there’s a dance hall there?

Yup. It’s one of the few left in the world with a floating floor on a bed of horsetail hair. Really.

7. Huh.

But I think the van’s female.