ago sculpture 02

[Steel, glass, flying machines and slow time. Palinode and Schmutzie wait for their flight home from Toronto. The flight will never happen. No time passes, but it passes anyway. Airports.]

Palinode: I really want a hamburger. A greasy, fast food burger.

Schmutzie: Oh! Wait til you get home and go to the A&W downtown. There’s a guy with an extra thumb.

Palinode: What?

Schmutzie: He’s got this extra thumb on top of his regular thumb.

Palinode: Is it a working thumb?

Schmutzie: I’m not sure.

Palinode: Maybe it’s a parasite. Like those fish with those parasites that pretend to be tongues.

Schmutzie: I don’t think so.

Palinode: And every time the guy handles food, the parasitic thumb takes a bite. It’s got these tiny teeth, I predict.

Schmutzie: It - no.

Palinode: You’re right. It’s probably a symbiote. The thumb gets burgers, and the guy gets extra dexterity.

Schmutzie: Just go see it.

Palinode: Should I walk up to the counter and say “I want the guy with the freaky parasite thumb to serve me”?

Schmutzie: I don’t think he’ll like that.

Palinode: What if I just asked to see his shame?

Schmutzie: He would hit you?

Palinode: He’d throw his parasite attack thumb at me.