Constantly achieving absurdity

In Goya’s greatest scenes we seem to see 
the people of the world 
exactly at the moment when 
they first attained the title of 
“suffering humanity”

I’m aware that I don’t have a license from Getty to republish this image on my blog. I just think that this picture of Matthew Fox may be the most satanic thing I’ve ever seen, and it seemed important to share it.

Fox also seems to have a hedgehog clinging to his chin. See, it’s holding on to the edges of his mouth and tucking its little hedgehog face under his bottom lip. Is it comfortable? Panicked? It’s hard to tell, but I can’t imagine any animal finding contentment with Matthew Fox’s chin. Seems counterintuitive.

Then there are those eyes, which are glossy little chunks of evil, like the devil’s anthracite toenails. What is Fox thinking as he poses for the camera, a hedgehog at his chin and Hell’s black slate in his eyes?

He’s probably thinking about money. Money, blowjobs, that thought-provoking article from the inflight magazine. I imagine he’s not thinking about Ferlinghetti. There’s no Coney Island in that mind, people.