Today is a time of double Palinode

I’ll get straight to the point. You’re fired… from the job of not reading two pieces of my writing! What a relief the second half of that sentence must have been.

Disney Pixar announces two new films to make us forget about Cars 2:

Despite the disappointment of Cars 2, there’s still no other animation studio making films like Pixar (how’s that for a controversial statement? Next I’ll be claiming that milk is “just fine for some people”). At the D23 Expo on Friday, Pixar announced two new films that will be coming out in 2013 and ’14.

This comes on top of Brave, the upcoming Pixar film featuring a feisty young woman doing swordy things in medieval Scotland.

Study shows that 73% of REO Speedwagon marathons end in homicide:

It was an American tragedy. One that started on a sunny afternoon in an Illinois suburb, when Joe Caston, 34, offered a cold Budweiser to his childhood friend Arnold Mozilo and put on some classic soft rock. At that moment, Caston couldn’t have known that “Keep On Loving You” would be the last thing he would ever hear as Mozilo’s thumbs brutally crushed his windpipe.