C is for Nihilism

Mashups tend to tire me and nibble at my goodwill, but this one is so on the mark that I can’t help but share it. First, because Tom Waits sounds even more like Cookie Monster than I’d imagined; and second, because this mashup reveals something essential about Cookie Monster and the rest of Henson’s pack of Muppets - the manic, despairing scream just behind the bright colours, the jiggling eyes and the wide-open mouths. This is partly a function of the streamlined, iconic faces of Muppets - a few expressions need to express a wide range of emotional states, and it only takes a nudge to transform giddiness and joy into panic and horror. But I suspect it’s just a half-concealed aspect of the Muppets’ basic emotional makeup. Plus, I never realized how many great outfits Cookie Monster wore on Sesame Street. Silver sequined bowtie? I want that on the Spring 2012 lineup.