the parks ad

O world's population, most of you are not in Saskatchewan. And why would you be? It's obnoxiously cold for half of the year and it's run by people who whose chief aspiration, before ending up in power, was selling you a nice pre-owned Honda.

But there are benefits to being a Saskatchewan resident. For example, our parks are pretty awesome. In fact, the only thing better than our parks is this ad for the Save Our Parks campaign. The magic happens at the 12 second mark, when the slightly grizzled grandfatherly figure switches from dewy-eyed nostalgia to blood-curdling rage.

Note the frantic cut away from grandpa's suddenly rage-clouded face, the edge of madness that dogs his narration, and that crooked, close-mouthed smile at the end. Why close-mouthed? To cover up his lupine fangs, of course. A full moon was probably blooming over the studio when they were shooting this thing.

Remember: you can't enjoy this kind of quality homicidal rage in other provinces. Let's get really, really angry about parks policies - the Saskatchewan way.