What's Today With A Palinode? for March 16

Today in Palinode:

If you’ve felt that the one thing missing from hockey was Jesus, then I’ve got good news for you. The Youth Ministry Office of the Diocese of Saskatoon is presenting the Saskatoon Blades Faith Night – tonight! You can watch the Blades face off against the Warriors… and then there’s a Christian rock band. I’m kind of curious as to how the Diocese and the Blades came up with this. UPDATE: Commenter Malcolm points out that Faith Night is being put on by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon, not the Anglican Diocese. This is why one of them should change their name from ‘Diocese’ to ‘House of Chillax’.

Guy Uses Chatroulette For Sweetest Musical Marriage Proposal Ever on Moxiebird

Chatroulette may already be consigned to pop culture’s endless attic of Shit We Thought Was Cool For Five Minutes, but there are still moments of genuine pleasure to be squeezed from its husk. Like this video, in which a song to a pretty girl on the internet turns into something unexpectedly sweet.

And that's what I did on the internet today, barring some random tweets, Facebook posts and trolling Atlantic Magazine blogs.