[It's evening. Schmutzie and Palinode are relaxing in the comfort of a living room. It's their living room, which really legitimizes the situation.]

Palinode: I've started using Google Chrome as my default browser.

Schmutzie: Me too.

Palinode: I like to use it for online browsing, finding recipes, organizing my calendar - and of course, shopping.

Schmutzie: Um, sure.

Palinode: Chrome takes me where I need to go.

Schmutzie: That's -

Palinode: Every time.

Schmutzie: What are you talking like that for?

Palinode: I figure Google listens to everything we say. So I'm monetizing our conversations.

Schmutzie: So you should be receiving a hundred bucks in three years.

Palinode: Truly we are living in a golden age of riches.