A Round-up of Some Recent Palinode

photo credit: Darrol Hofmeister for prairie dog magazine

Time never stops. And neither does the small stream of random bits and pieces that come slipping downstream and end up in the little eddy that is this site. Here’s a little bit of stuff I’ve written on the internet that’s appeared recently.

From InsertEyeroll.com:

Bruce Springsteen Shocks Audience By Revealing He’s Alive

“I guess I’m a little surprised,” said long time fan Ellie Carou after the concert. “Springsteen is my favorite musician of all time. And I went through a real grieving period back when I thought he was dead.”

Carou is only one of thousands of fans who were convinced that Springsteen had been dead for at least a decade.

“I seriously thought The Rising was a compilation album,” Carou said. “I mean, it sort of sounded like a bunch of B-sides from the ’80s.”

From prairiedogmag.com:

What I Ate: My Year of Food

THE SADDEST GOODBYE OF THE YEAR In the winter of 1989, when I was new to Saskatchewan winters and even dumber than I am now, I slipped on my desert boots and went for a walk. Thirty minutes later, I teetered into the Novia Café on frozen, screaming feet and thawed out with a cup of dishwater coffee. I watched old women with voluminous hair and deadly fingernails suck on cigarettes and leave lipstick-stained filters upright in glass ashtrays. The walls were stained with years of smoke and the bathrooms were tiny and terrifying. I decided that this was the greatest place in Regina, with the possible exception of the courtyard at the Quality Tea Room.

Over the years the Novia changed owners, underwent some major renovations to look more like a classic post-war diner, and for a brief, glorious period it served the best fish and chips in town. And then it closed after 93 years. In a city that’s barely passed the century mark, that’s a pretty amazing run.


You Have To See This: Fusion Hero Review

Whatever your taste in food, you should visit Fusion Hero at least once, just to look at the place. The exterior is unassuming strip mall frontage next to a Subway Restaurant, but once inside, you’re plunged into a vast black warehouse of design ideas, a hypnagogic dream of a restaurant that jumbles a lifetime’s worth of Asian dining experiences into one laquer-and-glass whole.