Palinode on Prairie Dog: Tangerine Food Bar Review

Not many of you know that, in addition to appearing at the top of this web page, I'm the restaurant critic for Prairie Dog Mag, the local alternative paper. Why do I do this (besides the money)? Because if I didn't, no one in this city would eat anything. I know, it's weird.

Of all the dishes I tried, the North Star of Tangerine’s rotating firmament of foods was the chorizo, mushroom and chicken stew. The dish seems expensive — $6 for a small bowl, $10 for the large — but the price is more than justified. This tomato-based stew is as crowded as a New York subway platform at rush hour but considerably more tasty. Too often, dishes like this will dole out a few chunks of the main attraction as if a particular ingredient aspired to celebrity status and could not be bothered to put in a full appearance at your table (check out some Greek salads in this city where the appearance of an olive is newsworthy). 

Check out my full review of Tangerine at the Prairie Dog website. You may also, because you care, want to view my review of 2b Theatre's play Invisible Atom - because the only thing better than live theatre is people writing about live theatre. Amirite? No? Okay then, I'll sit here on my luxury yacht purchased from the proceeds of my writing career. It's got a lid, a sink, a couple of busted halogen lamps and everything. Wait, did I say yacht? I meant dumpster, but whatever. Semantics.