Palinode on MamaPop: Roundtable Video

Over at I've posted the MamaPop Roundtable Video. This week we all read out the lyrics to a Miley Cyrus tune, and in the process perhaps we learn a little something about ourselves. But probably not.

The ubiquity of pop music – its ability to leap through the air and materialize in the back seat of a taxi or the balconies of a club – is the subject of the song, but the ubiquity of Cyrus herself is the subtext. In essence, the story of the song is homiletic; Cyrus wants you to respond to Party In The USA in the same way that the singer responds to the Britney song. MILEY CYRUS IS ATTEMPTING TO CONTROL YOUR CHILDREN’S MINDS. But you probably knew that already. Like yeah.

MamaPop Video Roundtable: Like Yeah Edition