Two-Minute Inception

Spoilers. Don't be reading unless you like spoilers.

[Scene: Wherever. Maybe it's a dream, maybe it isn't. Let's say it's some anonymous warehouse space or an office building lobby. If it's not a ridiculously expensive rotating hallway, then it's just some random spot with as much character as a Soviet apartment block.]

SAITO: Cobb, I need you to plant an idea in someone's mind - what you call 'inception'. I need you to convince this man named Fischer to break up his father's business empire.

COBB: I can do it. I'll need a new team, special sedatives, a dream within a dream within a dream...

SAITO: I have to go to the bathroom really badly. Can you hurry it up?

COBB: Okay, hold on. Hey Fischer!


COBB: Break up your father's empire.


COBB: I'm kidnapping you. Break up your father's empire.


COBB: I'm the head of your security team now. Break up your father's empire.


COBB: We're in some kind of snow fortress and we're doing stuff? Break up your -

FISCHER: Alright. Shut up already.

MAL: Cobb. I love you. Stay with me.

COBB: I killed you. Sort of. Sorry.

MAL: I'm dead? That's sad.

COBB: I feel better now.

ELLEN PAGE: I'm glad I could help you come to terms with your emotions.

COBB: You're still here?

ELLEN PAGE: I guess. I don't even remember my character's name.

COBB: Everything is better now.

COBB: Where am I anyway?