The Spicy, Delicious Taste of Being

[Afternoon. Schmutzie plucks away at web design. Palinode rolls like a pig in the obscene joys of joblessness.]

Palinode: I just added a spicy, delicious taste.

Schmutzie: What?

Palinode: I just. Added. A spicy, delicious taste.

Schmutzie: To what?

Palinode: Sardines on toast?

Schmutzie: No, you did not add a delicious taste to sardines on toast.

Palinode: My bottle of rooster sauce says that it adds a spicy, delicious taste to anything.

Schmutzie: There are limits to what can be made delicious. Sardines exceed those limits.

Palinode: I even added some to Heidegger's notion of Being.  It really gave the concept a spicy, delicious taste.

Schmutzie: Rooster sauce only works with physical objects.

Palinode: The bottle says anything.

Schmutzie: Those are just words on a bottle.

Palinode: Hey, you should incorporate rooster sauce into your web design.

Schmutzie: Um. No.

Palinode: It would give your banners a spicy, delicious taste.