I Call It "The Dog"

Since the dawn of time, mankind has sought to use free online animation tools to amuse himself and feed his depraved appetites. And I am no exception.

I discovered xtranormal.com a little while ago, but was discouraged by the cogent and funny cartoons that people were creating. I wanted nonsense. Then I thought, Aidan, be the nonsense that you want to see. Or, make the nonsense.

So I gave it a shot. Who would have thought that I would create such gripping drama on my first attempt?

Their names are Bill and Kate, by the way. They work at an important publishing house in New York.

BILL: My heart is sorely troubled.

KATE: Was it love? Or mistaken identity? Both are troublesome.

BILL: ...because a dog, black and sinewy, with eyes like glowing coals...

KATE: Came to you in your dreams?

BILL: No. He took my idea for a live sketch comedy show. [arm sweep]