Thirty Days of Truth: Day 5

Day 5: Something you hope to do in your life.

I hope for so many things. My heart swells with hope. My knees bulge with hope. My hair recedes with hope (On a side note, hair observes the rule of conservation of mass: it vanishes from your skull and pops up... elsewhere. Aging is just a terrible thing). Even on the dullest day, the most torpid afternoons, the kind of days when Sherlock Holmes would reach for his violin and a syringe, hope keeps my eyes open.

My hopes haven't changed that much since my teenage years. When I was four years old I wanted to be an ichthyologist, but I guess at some point I decided that I knew all I needed to know about fish. At some point my inchoate desires resolved into writerly ambitions. That's it, my teenage self said, I am going to be a writer. Not just a writer, but A Writer Of Important Books Of Poetry. Everyone will want to read my Important Books Of Poetry. After all, poetry is widely read and enjoyed. And if it isn't, my Important Books Of Poetry will change that shit up. And isn't literary fame its own reward, with a deck chair in Elysium reserved just for me?

Some years later, I've learned that poetry is not nearly as big a hit as my limited experience had led me to believe. And a Great Modernist Novel will likely be bought by only a few and read by even fewer. But none of that has capped my hope, which is that I will write my way into enduring greatness. There a few obstacles in my path - inveterate laziness being only one of them - but the hope persists, and lights the way.

These entries are part of the Thirty Days of Truth Project, which I agreed to do with several friends, because apparently we're shy about our masochism.

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Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life.
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