Thirty Days of Truth: Day 4

Day 4: Something I have to forgive someone for.

The first person I need to forgive is whoever originally drummed up this list. Anonymous person, mad geneticist of this blog meme, I forgive you for ending that sentence fragment with a preposition.

The second person I need to forgive is myself, for agreeing to take on this project of truth. It becomes increasingly clear, as I read over the list below and compose sketches of future posts in my mind, that this is not about truth; it's about confession. Therapeutic truth, not philosophical or literary or even actual truth. Just ripping into your big mushy pile of memory and digging out something shameful or profound in the service of a writing prompt for your blog. Or more accurately, your Facebook notes page.

One of the hoariest cliches about truth (even hoarier than the term 'hoary cliche') is that it is universal. This list demonstrates that truth is provisional and prescriptive. Write a letter to your hero? Dear Mom... Dear Firefighter... Dear Homeless Guy Dressed Like Santa Claus in July... I just don't think of truth in the way that this list demands.

So how do I think of truth? I've discovered that truth doesn't like to be thought of. Thought is concentrated heat, and truth buzzes away into steam as soon as thought's beam is swung down. There was a time when I thought it meant fact, or confession, but now that I'm a bit older I've realized that the facts of my life are nobody's business. What I write has nothing to do with fact. I tweak and repurpose the facts all the time. I probably don't even remember those few facts I play with. That kind of truth is a constant error. The other truth, the one that grows over all surfaces and sends its invisible roots into the substance of all things, is just the spoor of our consciousness landing on objects.

I also need to forgive Mark Bittman for that scrambled egg recipe. Forty minutes of stirring eggs around a pan for "a mass of soft curds". Do you know what a mass of soft curds looks like, or the hideous process of transformation that occurs when a pale liquid disc of egg slowly retracts into a dark mass of something that looks indisputably like snot? It is not pretty. It tastes good, especially with tarragon and fleur de sel, but ah god is it ever ugly. Remember Slimer from Ghostbusters? Imagine if Slimer decided to commit suicide by non-stick frying pan. That's Bittman's idea of good eggs. And that's the truth.

These entries are part of the Thirty Days of Truth Project, which I agreed to do with several friends, because apparently we're shy about our masochism.

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