living design nightmares

Today one of my favourite people of blog, twitter, and flesh, Chookoolonks, linked to this supposedly beautiful living room with a central hearth lit by an overhead skylight. Can anybody spot the glaring problem here?

That's right: people will climb onto your roof just to watch you burn things. They'll set up little tables, bring drinks, bet on what you're going to use next as kindling. Eventually they'll start leaving 'requests' at your door. 'Burn some nice fragrant pine'. 'Burn this bloody shirt and pants'. 'Burn a mint condition Game of Life still in original wrapping, straight from factory, we accept Paypal'. I don't even understand that last request, but that's the kind of crap you'll be dealing with if you buy that house.

Here's what you're looking at just to keep the lookyloos off your roof: a fence, probably electrified; a state-of-the-art security system; a moat; a griffin. Maybe not a griffin. Maybe a hippogriff, but they're famously disloyal. Or maybe you just want to stop decorating your exterior walls with ladders, genius.