the politics of slutty jovians

[3 a.m. Grey stripe on black stripe, no light, just shadows. Schmutzie and Palinode cannot sleep.]

Palinode: They're all sluts on Jupiter.

Schmutzie: Why's that?

Palinode: The gravity's so strong that they can't do any light petting. Heavy petting is their baseline.

Schmutzie: Wow. They are slutty.

Palinode: Bunch of slutty Jovians in the sky.

Schmutzie: I was going to call them Jupiterites. Or Jupitites.

Palinode: Nope. They're Jovians.

Schmutzie: And they're jovial?

Palinode: Jovial jovians. There's probably a connection between the words.

Schmutzie: I bet there's a connection between their mood and their sluttiness.

Palinode: Happy Sluts of Jupiter!

Schmutzie: You should write something called The Politics of Slutty Jovians.

Palinode: Maybe I will. And maybe I just did.