wainbow bwead

I have a feeling that this footage of a young woman endlessly singing the praises of Patty Cake Rainbow Bread ('Cause it's good bread/ It's freeeeeeesh bread) is going to be the next vile internet meme. So I'm here to spread this thing around.

Seven minutes of praise to some forgotten bread. After a few minutes it becomes incredibly boring, but it is physically difficult to remove your eyes from this woman as she sings about various bakeries and identifies Patty Cake Rainbow Bread as her "number one". As the unseen engineer layers her vocal tracks and builds the jingle, the video gains substance not from complexity but from a subtle amassing, a building wall of insistence on the greatness of that bread. Plus she's got this weird lisp.

Here's some information about the video from the Youtube comments:

THE ANSWER from Johnny Hooper:
"That session was done at Goodnight Audio in Dallas, Texas sometime in the 80's.
The singer is Kelly Crane, the daughter of pianist Freddy & Lucy Crane that worked in the recording business here in Dallas. The producer who is is talking to her is Kenny Sutherland, who did a series of Radio & T.V. ads for "Rainbow Bread".
As I recall, the background vocalist are Carolyn Brooks, Debby Hooper, Johnny Hooper, and some others that I don't remember." Thanks Johnny!

Via the Boing Boing.

HORRIBLE UPDATE: Never mind the nice woman singing about the bread. The video below drove me to insanity. It is a demo version of a "jingle package" (ahem) for WCFL-Chicago. There is no video beyond a still image, a relentless numb insistence on itself. The audio track goes through variation after variation of WCFL jingles - fast, slow, whiplash tempo, news, weather, whatever. After five minutes of this you cease to hear it, and you enter a world bounded by the cheery walls of WCFL - Chi-ca-gooo. An hour of this would get you kicked out of Guantanamo Bay for unnecessary cruelty. I highly recommend it for some reason.