#20 Bad Idea: Itemizing the Groceries

Greetings Noramites. Thank you all for coming. The results of our latest archaeological dig in the Irradiated Zones have finally borne fruit.

As many of you know, Drs. Horvath and Krinchy did not make it back from the latest expedition. In their memory we present this scrap of writing which we found in the heart of the Central Silica Plain. Based on preliminary research, we believe that this piece was either a government document or a religious text.


[Late afternoon. The sprung door of day slowly creaking to a close. Schmutzie knits in the living room. Palinode washes dishes in the kitchen.]

Palinode: I have a question. What would you say is the likelihood that I have an avocado in my pants?

Schmutzie: A very good likelihood!


Palinode: Wow, you just... no hesitation there.

Schmutzie: What?

Palinode: You immediately assumed that I probably had an avocado in my pants.

Schmutzie: Well I saw one earlier on the kitchen windowsill.

Palinode: Just because there's an avocado near my pants doesn't mean that it's in my pants.

Schmutzie: I figured it was your way of telling me that you bought an avocado.

Palinode: Yes.


Palinode: Would you like some avocado in a sandwich?

Schmutzie: As long as it hasn't been in your pants.

Palinode: More for me then.