one gorilla per child

It's a sick day, a sick day, a no-meetings-or-learning-lunches sick day. Sick Palinode and Hale Schmutzie hanging out in bed.

Schmutzie: Did you know that we have as much hair on our bodies as gorillas?

Palinode: But -

Schmutzie: It's true.

Palinode: How many gorillas?

Schmutzie: Um, just one.

Palinode: That's never going to work, on account of the huge human-to-gorilla imbalance.

Schmutzie: We'll have to divide up the gorillas.

Palinode: That's never going to happen. The rich are going to get their personal designer gorillas -

Schmutzie: The rest of us will get howler monkeys.

Palinode: Lemurs, more like.

Schmutzie: Fucking richies.