use of nouns

[Schmutzie is driving, driving, driving. Palinode is passengering along in the front seat. The sun is hot, yellow and eight light-minutes away.]

Palinode: A raccoon!

Schmutzie: Really? That's cool.

Palinode: Hmm.

Palinode: You thought I saw a raccoon.

Schmutzie: Yes.

Palinode: There was no raccoon. I just said the word 'raccoon' and you came to your own conclusions.

Schmutzie: You're a jerk.

Palinode: I'm not a jerk. I was just using nouns.

Schmutzie: That would make a good t-shirt.

Palinode: And it would be true.

Schmutzie: You're still a jerk.