Palinode: I’ve discovered a cheap route to therapy.

Schmutzie: Yes?

Palinode: I’ve decided to be my own psychiatrist.

Schmutzie: You can’t prescribe drugs for yourself.

Palinode: I will substitute spices for pharmaceuticals. And anyway I believe in the talking cure.

Schmutzie: That way you can have sessions any time you want.

Palinode: Yes. I wonder how it makes me feel to be my own psychiatrist?

Schmutzie: I don’t know. How do you feel?

Palinode: What do I think it says about myself that I should wonder about my feelings on that?

Schmutzie: I honestly don’t know.

Palinode: I’d like to go back to what I was talking about earlier when I said that I ‘wondered’ about ‘feelings’. Do I think it’s important to wonder?

Schmutzie: I think your time’s up.