capitalism or extortion

[The bar. Schmutzie discusses web design with the table. Everyone is several beers in to the evening, except for Tamara, who is at least one Paralyzer in. Or maybe she's just drinking milk. Who the hell drinks milk at a bar?]

Schmutzie: I should be a marketing person.

Palinode: I should be a wet willie person.

Schmutzie: Really.

Palinode: Sure. I'd make a mint.

Schmutzie: How's that?

Palinode: For example, you give me five bucks [sticks an index finger in his mouth] and I don't give you a wet willie.

Schmutzie: [pulls her chair back at least a foot] I don't think so.

Palinode: I think it's foolproof!

Schmutzie: I think you'd get charged.

Palinode: Oh sure, what do you think the judge would do with a case of attempted wet willying?

Schmutzie: Just dry your finger off.