#10 Bad Idea: Time Foreclosed

People: it's late and I don't have much time, so this idea is going to be rushed. The economic crisis becomes so bad that one day we wake up to find that the future has gone into receivership. We are allowed to travel forward in time but are forbidden from making purchases, investments or plans of any kind. The world sinks into an eternal present while it waits for a potential bailout from a shadowy cosmic reserve.

Some hopeful steps are made when portions of the past are made available for tourism purposes, in the hope of kickstarting the stagnant space-time continuum. Most people can only afford to visit last month, and even the most obscenely rich are unable to travel to points prior to 1982. The past is open during regular weekday business hours.

Then one day the world wakes up to find that the future has gone bankrupt. A sign, visible to everyone, everywhere and nowhere at once, reads:

Future closed for maintenance! Come back tomorrow.