#4 Bad Idea

Today's bad idea: not so much an idea as a dyed-in-the-wool belief, a monstrous secret that has taken me years to uncover, nearly destroying my spirit in the process. The secret? Electricity is a lie. It's actually magic.

Who's responsible for spreading this lie? Mickey Rourke, that's who. He planted documents, spread rumours, sowed the seeds of untruth. I mean, come on - what do you think he was doing between Wild Orchid and Sin City? Boxing? Living with a junkie? Alienating everyone in the movie industry? The world as we know it is a hive of illusion, and at the sticky centre Rourke rests, fat with deception and covered in honey (of lies).

On the other hand, he made the '80s very entertaining for us, so I figure we owe him his eccentricities. Plus the trailer for The Wrestler looks great.

"Covered in the honey of lies"