I'm a printin' photos

I printed a small selection of my photos. These ones ended up looking, to my crazed eye, absolutely smashing. I'm thinking they'd make nice prizes. If only I had a contest. Do I have an outstanding contest going?

You've seen these photos before. But you like them.

The Kindness of Oxycontin

night time leaves

Pint of Keiths

glass of beer 01

End of Days

end times 03

Fingah Meats

through a glass beerly 02



Victory in Feldkirch


You're Too Close To My Apple

cursed apple 2

High Heels

girl kneeling 2

UPDATE: Nate of Okay City is the first winner! That didn't take long at all. He has named the contest "Dibs". For his sins he receives a print of "End of Days".