the blurst of palinode

Ah man, I'm blocked. Who likes to hear about writer's block on a weblog? You do, or so I'm hoping. Maybe you prefer my tireless efforts at bringing you fresh metaphors through comedy, but with blogs, you take this stuff with that stuff. I could talk about the new season of The Wire, or how I spent today in the apartment, walking around in only a beltless bathrobe and a Toronto Blue Jays T-shirt,* but do you really want to know that? How I ate sardines on triscuits and kept waiting for something exciting to show up in my RSS reader? God I need to go back to work.

Fortunately, I'm starting work next week. The joys of medical leave have all but evaporated, leaving behind the furtive filmy residue of idleness. Alas. Anyway, in order to break the block and come to the aid of youse guys, I'm distilling a Best Of category. It will also have the benefit of extending my tyranny over your tastes just a little bit. Note: this entry will not be included.

UPDATE: My Best of 2004-2005 is up and available for all the lookie-loos. Link on the sidebar.

*I was careful not to pass by the windows, lest the ladies see me and try to break in to the apartment, all crazed with the lust. Seriously, it's like a sexy 28 Days Later with me and the ladies.