being american

Sunday afternoon. Nothing much going on. Palinode slips on his new shoes. He likes to call them his 'fresh kicks'.

Schmutzie: What are you doing?

Palinode: Putting on my fresh kicks.

Schmutzie: Are you going somewhere?

Palinode: I have a hot date.

Schmutzie: No you don't.

Palinode: It's really possible.

Schmutzie: You don't get any hot dates.

Palinode: Remember yesterday when I went to the acupuncturist? Maybe I met somebody there and arranged for a hot date.

Schmutzie: No.

Palinode: Oh I see. You don't think I can get a hot date. Well I can and I have, and now I'm going out on it.

Schmutzie: Who's your date?

Palinode: (Points at the cat) He's right there.

Schmutzie: You can't go out on a date with Onion.

Palinode: I can do anything I want. This is America.

Schmutzie: No it isn't.

Palinode: Are you sure? We're speaking English.

Schmutzie: They speak English in England.

Palinode: I guess that's English.

Schmutzie: This is Canada.

Palinode: But I feel so free and brave.