random notes, no doodles

Just wait til you see the doodles.

One twenty eh em.

I suspect cell phones.

Von Sudenfed makes me happy. Is that so wrong? I haven't watched this video What the video lacks in variety it makes up for in Mark E. Smith and Mouse On Mars in drag.

I interrogate vineyards. I take the dog sweaters to task, that have made us all so unhappy with their innumerable sins.

It's time to deport the take-out menus. Maybe then our society can begin the long healing process.

We spent the morning smashing all the remote controls in our house, but the appliances refused to die. In the afternoon they all left.

The spirit wasn't willing, the flesh wasn't weak, but the fridge was off.

Damn it, when I say Judd Nelson stole my hot tub, I mean it. I mean I never had a hot tub.